Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Ashland Driver Training School (ADTS)
Our aim:
Our aim is to teach students to become safe, considerate and confident drivers. Teaching to just “pass the test” is not what we want to do. We aim to provide skills and techniques which will stay with a driver past the test, and as they gain experience on the road by themselves. This will allow the student to go on to enjoy the full benefits and freedoms of being a car driver – for many, many years……..
Terms, conditions and activities
Payment: Payment for lessons is due in full before the start of the first lesson. It may be paid in cash to the instructor or by BACS/Paypal before the lesson begins (please ask us for details if you would prefer to pay using either of these methods).

Cancellation: Lessons may be cancelled with a minimum of 72 hours’ notice without any charge. Cancellations between 72 and 48 hours’ notice will be subject to a charge of 50% of the lesson price. Cancellations with less than 48 hours’ notice will be subject to payment in full for the lesson. The instructor on the first lesson will attend the meeting point, date and time agreed. If the student does not attend the first lesson and after 20 minutes has elapsed the instructor will consider the course cancelled by the student. The course will be subject to the Cancellation terms already mentioned.

Weather: The safety of our students, instructors and vehicles is of paramount importance. In the event of extremely poor weather conditions as assessed by the instructor, a lesson may be postponed or cancelled at short notice. The student will not be charged for the lesson that is cancelled and the hours lost from the training schedule will be rearranged at a mutually convenient time.
Driving assessment: At the start of any driving tuition course, the current standard of driving will be assessed by the instructor. Following this assessment the instructor will advise the student how many hours of tuition will be required to attain the necessary level of skill and confidence. This number of hours may vary for various reasons during the course of the training period, but it will ultimately be at the judgement of the instructor when a student is ready to go for their test.

Training hours needed: The number of hours needed before a student is ready for their test may vary widely from person to person, based on past experience and aptitude. As a guide, according to the DVSA, a person will need between 40 and 50 instructed hours driving to achieve test standard.
Intensive courses: ADTS provide intensive driving courses for its own students and for those of third party driving companies. However we would recommend that students should not undertake more than 30 hours instruction per week, due to issues of fatigue and inability to take in information effectively.
Taking your test: The decision about when a student is ready to take their test will be made by the instructor. This will of course be made in consultation with the student, looking at their driving skills and confidence, but it will always be at the instructor’s discretion.
Tests dates: Tests take priority over standard driving lessons. Due to the use of DVSA test cancellations, sometimes test can be booked at relatively short notice. If this should apply then any lessons which had been planned by that student or any other student may be subject to change to accommodate that test. Whilst we appreciate that this may cause some inconvenience, this policy will apply to all students and so may allow someone to take their test at a preferred time by moving the lesson of another student. Lessons changed for the purpose of another student’s test will not be charged, but will simply be moved to another time that is mutually convenient.
Test dates should not be booked by students without checking with the instructor as to their readiness for test and the availability of the vehicle.
Lessons arranged through a third party: ADTS carry out intensive and standard driving courses on behalf of other companies. When carrying out these courses ADTS do not book or guarantee test dates at the end of the training period. The length of the training period will be subject to an assessment (please see paragraph Driving assessment above). We will  always honour the hours of lessons arranged through the third party driving company, however we will not guarantee the student will be ready for their test after those hours. We will, of course, do everything in our power to get the student to test standard as soon as possible.
When the instructor believes the student is ready to go forward to their test they will notify the third party driving company. This third party driving company will then provide ADTS with possible proposed test dates that are available. ADTS will accept the test date with the third party driving company after checking with the student.
Behaviour: Many students will never have driven a car previously and so may be nervous. This is completely understood and the instructor will do everything they can to guide, assist and reassure the student. However if the instructor believes that a student’s behaviour may in any way put themselves, the instructor, the car, other road users or the general public and/or property at risk, they reserve the right to terminate the lesson immediately. The lesson will still be charged at its full rate. The instructor also reserves the right to refuse to provide any further lessons for that student, although any money paid for future lessons will be refunded (in line with the notification of cancellation policy above).
Damage: Any damage that is caused to the instructor’s vehicle, or other vehicles, may be charged to the student if that damage was caused, in the opinion of the instructor, by carelessness, recklessness or malice by the student.
Complaints: Occasionally, as in all businesses, things can go wrong. If you have a complaint, please address it to your instructor in the first instance. After that, please put any complaint in writing by email to . We will then do everything we can to find a solution.
Data Protection: ADTS will keep your personal and tuition details on file for the duration of your training. These details will then be destroyed by means of shredding/permanent deletion from our database. We do not share the details of students with anyone else.
Summary: The instructor’s word is final! If you have paid good money to get instruction and advice from a professional, the sensible thing is to take it. Having said that, instruction is a two way process, so if you have any questions or concerns at any time, please do not hesitate to speak with your instructor

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